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Meteorological ("MET") Stations

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Tahoe or Campbell Scientific Options Available

The Nor-Cal Controls’ Tahoe™ MET Station combines functionality, reliability, and simplicity to an existing technology. The MET Station is fully customizable and applicable with multiple SCADA applications and hardware platforms. The system is preconfigured and ready for ease of startup and commissioning by either Nor-Cal’s engineering experts or others.

The Tahoe™ MET Station is equipped with a host of features to support the end user:

• Supports a wide variety of serial communication based sensors
• One-Second Sampling Data Logging
• Support for over 250 protocols for ease of access
• Support of up to 10 simultaneous protocols from one TCP Ethernet port
• Features Lithium-Ion battery back-up power at 12VDC 55Ah
• Optional, Solar Panel for standalone battery charging off the grid functions
• Backup Power Equipment Monitoring and Data Logging
• Utility Power Input Support (120/240VAC)
• Universal SCADA Platform Support
• Optional FTP Services
• Optional Email notifications
• Optional SMS functions
• Port access programming functions available for configuring/reconfiguring of attached devices
• Optional local machine interface (HMI)
• Scalability of I/O functions (RTD, DI, DO, AI, and AO)
• Web Server for remote access over LAN or WAN networks
• International Languages and Unicode Characters

Common Measurements:

• GHI Irradiance
• POA Irradiance
• Back of Module Temperature
• Air Temperature
• Relative Humidity
• Barometric Pressure
• Wind Speed
• Wind Direction
• Precipitation
• Solar Position

Nor-Cal Control's MET Station
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