Renewable Energy Under your control


Gain industry-leading performance with flexibility and scalability with our open source SCADA systems.


Ensure your solar plant is operating at peak performance and capability.

MET Stations

Our turnkey MET stations are based on industry standards and field-proven instrumentation.


Learn all about SCADA and PV Operations through our comprehensive courses.

Experience the Nor-Cal Difference

A responsive, dedicated team of enthusiastic engineers, project managers and support staff is always available to meet your needs.
No proprietary lock in. No Blackbox SCADA. No unanswered calls. We turn their “no” into a YES! – for you.

Open Architecture; Open Source Freedom and Flexibility

Nor-Cal’s SCADA system solutions are all open architecture (open source), utilizing accessible, “off the shelf,” hardware and software components.

Seamlessly Integrate with Third Parties

Integrate with third-party off-takers, including Utility entities and OEM providers, utilizing our built-in OPC, Modbus, and DNP3 device communication protocols.

Fully Customizable

Each Nor-Cal SCADA and DAS system solution is fully customizable and tailored to meet all project and application-specific requirements.

No “Black Box” Proprietary Solutions

Avoid costly and proprietary lock-ins that require you to stay within the confines of a system and approach that may limit your current capacity and scalability. Change equipment where-ever, whenever.

Dedicated Team

Our experienced and responsive team has the capability, expertise and problem-solving skills to address any solar PV challenge. Each team is formed to bring deep knowledge and expertise to your specific project. Our engineers are problem-solvers with an industrial mindset for
thoroughness and attention to detail, tempered with the ambition to provide designs that are cost effective and under budget.

50+ years of Power Control Expertise

Nor-Cal Controls takes a proactive approach to projects, anticipating project requirements with a detailed planning approach that prevents potential problems and mitigates client risk. Nor-Cal goes beyond solar to offer you deep experience in traditional power controls. This has earned
us the industry reputation “best in controls.” We cover design, implementation, rip and repair needs to mitigate your risk and promote your success.