Customized SCADA systems to meet all solar PV project requirements

Nor-Cal’s turnkey SCADA systems include a Power Plant Controller (PPC) enabling site-wide substation and individual inverter and device level control, meeting all Utility IA, PPA and ISO requirements. 

Solar PV SCADA Solution Overview

Solar PV SCADA HMI Graphical Screens:

      • Web-based
      • Customizable
      • Allows for changes in settings and control modes
      • POI data: MW, MVar, Voltages, Currents
      • Breaker Control
      • Inverter Auto/Manual – Start/Stop control
      • Inverter data: MW, MVar, Voltages, Currents
      • Site Controller for real and reactive power commands in compliance with LGIA and PPA
      • Alarms and Events

Solar PV SCADA Power Plant Controller Functionalities:


  • Active Power Control (Control modes adjusted per market: CAISO, MISO, ERCOT).
  • AGC – Active Power Curtailment & Limit Control: irradiance ramp control, max POI limit regulation, ramp rate control
  • Setpoint Ramp Rate
  • Site Output Ramp Rate Control
  • Frequency Response
  • Automatic Voltage Regulation with various control modes:
  • Reactive Power Control Mode
  • Power Factor Control Mode
  • Voltage Control Mode (Droop)
  • Voltage Control Mode (setpoint)
  • Ramp Rate Control and Reactive Limits
  • Capacitor and Inductor Bank Control
  • Custom site/Utility/AHJ specific requirements


  • Emerson RX3i – PLC (Redundant as optional)
  • Full 19” SCADA rack with PPC – SCADA Server-Historian Server, Firewall, root Switches, Fiber and Cable management
  • Field communication enclosures (Field switches – Remote I/O, Fiber and cable management
  • MET Stations


  • Inductive Automation – Ignition HMI + Perspective
  • Canary Labs Historian
  • Emerson Machine Edition (PPC programing)
  • Kepware


On-site Integration & Testing:

  • Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT)
  • On-site commissioning support
  • Site Acceptance Testing (SAT)
  • Remote engineering and testing support through COD and Energization

Operator Training:

  • Remote, site specific SCADA system training (hardware and software)
  • Additional training options available upon request

On-going Maintenance and Support:

  • Remote, site specific SCADA system training (hardware and software)
  • Additional training options available upon request
  • Telephonic support
  • Monitored email support
  • Remote assistance using remote desktop and a virtual private network
  • Planned or emergency on-site support
  • Quarterly system health check

SCADA Support Services (“S3”)

Nor-Cal’s SCADA Support Services allows end users to utilize Nor-Cal’s dedicated team of experienced and knowledgeable engineers through a more proactive approach. Our team will have secure access to the operational system and will be readily available for any support or troubleshooting needs that arise through day-to-day operations. Utilizing this approach will ensure your systems will have the support they need to perform efficiently on a consistent basis.

Remote Support Services include general troubleshooting and support of any devices connected to the local SCADA system and network that were originally provided by Service Provider. Services also include SCADA system network, alarm, and device troubleshooting support (software level) for:

Network Switches
BMS (if applicable)
MV transformers
Substation IEDs
Weather stations and metering devices
HMI & SCADA point list modifications
Logic modifications & control tuning enhancements
Project recovery/restore

Service offering also includes for dispatchable on-site field technician support when needed, available upon customer request.

SCADA Support Services Brochure

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