A Real Time Digital Simulator (RTDS) allows testing of both PPC & Plant equipment.
Testing is based on real world PPC and unique site control requirements.
The RTDS system can simulate PV, PV+BESS, and/or standalone BESS systems.

RTDS Overview


The RTDS hardware/software can simulate site and transmition details allowing full PPC and site control testing. The RTDS system can also import PSCAD models for testing.

The RTDS system to provide high fidelity modeling of both the site and grid. The simulator also allows for HIL – CHIL and PHIL simulation, that is valuable for modern systems with Distributed Energy Resources (DERs) to be able to test interoperability and interactions between different SCADA and control (PPC) systems.

RTDS closed-loop testing will simulate various conditions based on the site specific LGIA/PPA, mode use cases, users input and/or site hardware and design choices.

RTDS Simulator

RTDS Simulation Advantages:

  • Simulate full site control functionality and response before on-site commissioning, to showcase compliance or gain awareness of any potential complications with commercial performance, market dispatch responsiveness, or system instability.
  • Provide accurate PI gain values that can be predicted by using the PPC in CHIL within the plant models.
  • Study the plant’s response and its effects on the Grid, as it interacts with other plants connected to the Grid, prior to energization.
  • Efficient demonstration of simulations in real time by using parallel processing hardware, which enables it to complete simulations in much less time than other offline EMT simulation programs.

Nor-Cal can validate site compliance with IEEE 2800 standards.

Operator Training:

  • Remote, site specific SCADA system training (hardware and software)
  • Additional training options available upon request

On-going Maintenance and Support:

  • Telephonic support
  • Monitored email support (ticketing)
  • Remote assistance using Remote Desktop and a Virtual Private Network (VPN)
  • Planned or emergency on-site support
  • Quarterly system health check 


Plant Modeling & Simulation Solution Brochure

To learn more about model requirements, check out our blog on RTDS Modeling