Featured Projects

At Nor-Cal there is only one way to serve our customers. That is with deep expertise based on over 50-plus years of experience of concentrated experience in power generation. We provide open architecture solutions that give you complete flexibility and control over your installation. Our passionate commitment to excellence means you avoid the need to upgrade or migrate your turnkey system for at least 25 years.

Mount Signal 3

(250MW PV)

Mortenson Construction + 8minutenergy

8minuteenergy’s showcase PV facility. This massive project included a total of 96 central inverters and had to be completed in a total of 5 phases. As the selected SCADA contractor, Nor-Cal supported the EPC by providing a turnkey SCADA/MET solution that met all project requirements.

Desert Harvest 1
(150MW PV + Storage)

Blattner Energy + EDF-R

Using Emerson Ovation as the requested SCADA platform, Nor-Cal’s engineered solution fulfilled all Main Site Controller (MSC) and EMS functionality for this PV + Storage Project.

Utah SCADA Portfolio (7 PV sites totaling 525MW)

Mortenson Construction + Dominion Energy

Nor-Cal supported Dominion Energy in Utah by providing a total of seven replacement, turnkey SCADA systems (including METS) for utility-scale capacity sized projects which they were purchasing from SunEdison.

Texas DAS Portfolio (4 PV sites totaling 65MW)

Cypress Creek Renewables

Cypress Creek’s Texas DAS Portfolio was integrated using Nor-Cal’s open DAS/MET hardware and leveraging Power Factors Drive cloud-based software solution. As a result, Cypress Creek Renewables is able to view real-time and historical data coming from their portfolio of PV.