Innovative DAS Systems Streamline Operations and Maintenance

Ensure your solar operation is operating at peak performance and capability with a DAS system from Nor-Cal Controls, the gold standard in DAS and SCADA systems. With Nor-Cal you get the analysis and insights to continually verify operation and the tools and onsite support to fix issues fast when problems do occur. This means our DAS solution lowers your cost of ownership by automating system features and maximizing plant efficiency when possible. With Nor-Cal Controls, you won’t get stuck in monthly service or subscription fees. We’ll build a DAS that meets your specific data collection needs, assist with the implementation, and completely hand over the system to you after fully completing full site testing and verifications.


More Efficient Commercial & Industrial Distributed Generation

Nor-Cal Controls DAS solutions offer a simple, open-architecture design, making them scalable and control-ready. Operators can manually reset or start/stop inverters through our DAS as well as control real power (kW) production to adhere to utility requirements. They can also integrate software or hardware from a different provider into our DAS to implement new automation of system components or other monitoring applications.

Open architecture allows you to Integrate as many as third parties as needed. Our systems can support a handful of industry standard protocols, including: Modbus, DNP3, OPC-UA, Serial (RS232/485), TCP/IP, and FTP get the best combination of components for superior performance.

Support for the Life of Your Project

Enjoy peace of mind knowing that your open-source DAS will continue to be supported throughout the life of your project, with many accessible options for maintenance and upgrades into the future. In addition, our systems help to keep your data secure by implementing proper network administration to prevent unwanted access to the system(s). 

Key Performance Capabilities

Real-Time Data Acquisition

Continuously monitor performance data and alarms for all PV system devices, including all on-site inverters (central or string), MV transformers, revenue meters, meteorological (MET) station sensors and/or Intelligent Equipment Devices (IEDs).

Automatic Alarm Notification

Automatically receive critical alarm notifications (Email and SMS Text) for all devices monitored by the DAS system. Configure alarm recipients and escalation schemes based on alarm priority.

Control Ready

Control PV system devices at a moment’s notice if dictated as a requirement by the Owner, Host Utility and/or Independent System Operator (ISO). Each DAS system is “control-ready,” robust, and scalable for control.

Cloud-Based, Data Monitoring and Performance Dashboards

Leveraging Power Factors Drive, the leading cloud-based
technical asset management software, users can view
real-time and historical data coming from their portfolio
of assets. Drive cleanses, aggregates and consolidates
operating data, delivering role-specific dashboards for
insights into data, alarms, reports and KPIs.

Drive’s hierarchical monitoring feature allows trends and
analysis to be done at any level within the asset portfolio,
and its library of industry-standard reports and analytics
equip owners and operators with a deep repository of
knowledge about commercial and operational states.

Download our DAS Datasheet

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