Who We Are

Always striving for excellence.


Nor-Cal Controls has assembled an outstanding team that combines expertise, integrity, honesty and an uncompromising commitment to excellence.

Nor-Cal delivers its services through dedicated teams formed to bring appropriate knowledge and expertise to each project. Our engineers have an industrial mindset for thoroughness and level of detail, tempered with the requirement to provide cost effective designs.


Nor-Cal Controls ES, Inc. provides consulting, engineering, and training solutions and services to the power generation sector.

What sets Nor-Cal apart from our competitors is our guiding principle for serving our customers. Before bidding on a project, we first ask ourselves the question, “What approach or products best serve the customer?” We then offer and provide solutions based on proven technology and open architecture design, eliminating the need for service contracts at the end of the project. This approach has allowed us to continually compete and beat out larger engineering firms and OEM’s.


The President and CEO, Robert “Bob” Lopez founded Nor-Cal in 2006 with the desire to provide customer-focused automation and controls engineering solutions that truly serves the client. Bob is a senior level engineering professional with over 25 years of concentrated experience in the power generation industry, both Traditional and Renewable.

His effective leadership abilities motivate others and direct top-level strategic corporate initiatives. Bob shows a demonstrated track record of success in designing and applying technology specific to the power generation industry. Bob has carried his extensive training and experience in the traditional power generation sector, including GE 7FA Turbines, and Blackstart/Isochronous implementation (among others) into the renewable power generation sector, providing guidance and support in Nor-Cal’s rapidly growing footprint in providing thorough and extensive control and data acquisition systems.

Throughout Bob’s long and established career, he has directly been responsible for the success of many projects related to automation and controls engineering, gas and steam turbine operation, turbine maintenance and upkeep, and several PLC and SCADA/DCS platforms. His steady and consistent mentoring presence drives the Nor-Cal team to consistently perform above expectations.