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Blackstart/Isoc/ALR Controls

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Blackstart/Isoc/ALR Controls

Nor-Cal is one of the few power generation controls and automation companies with services specifically geared towards the integration of GE 7FA+e gas turbine black start (Isochronous) controls in the power generation market.

In the United States, every region within the North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) has its own black start plan and procedures. Each region also designates certain plants as black start units. Should the country-wide electrical grid suffer a catastrophe causing a succession of power plants to undergo a blackout, a black start unit will have the ability to start on its own power without the support of the grid.

Nor-Cal has successfully performed numerous projects related to the implementation of black start (Isochronous) controls; it is the mission of Nor-Cal to ensure a power plant becomes a stable island in the event of a system-wide shut down, capable of carrying its own internal load, with the ultimate goal of reaching synchronization points with other plants located on the grid.

Nor-Cal has successfully provided black start services for a wide range of turbine control systems, including GE Mark V, Mark Ve, and Mark VI.

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