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Solar PV Operations Training

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Training Classes Held at Our Northern California Headquarters

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Training topics include:

  • SCADA Hardware & Software Overview, including Network Architecture
  • IP Addressing, VLANs, and Network Troubleshooting
  • HMI Software, Field Device Configuration and Datasets Mapping Overview
  • HMI Graphics Modifications
  • Alarm Configuration and Management
  • Trends (Real Time and Historical)
  • Historian Software Overview, Database Queries and Reports
  • Programmable Logic Controller, Hardware and Software Overview
  • Control Modes Overview and Operation (AVR, PF/VAR, Droop, CAP, Breaker)
  • Communication Protocols Overview: Modbus, DNP3, OPC
  • SCADA Protocols Troubleshooting
  • Point Forcing Usage and Precautions
  • Grid Operations Fundamentals (Utility, NERC, ISO, ADS, RIG, GMS, etc.)
  • NERC 101 & the GOP Function

*The training topics and principles covered can be applied to any SCADA system platform (hardware/software).

*Private and site-specific training sessions are also available. Contact us for more information.

Nor-Cal Controls offers Solar PV Operations Training

"Learn Generator Fundamentals to Understand the Big Picture"

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