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PLC Programming Services

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PLC Programming

A Programmable Logic Controller or PLC is a computing system that acts as the brain of automated industrial equipment. It is used to control the equipment’s electromechanical functions, such as running the machinery on factory assembly lines or controlling the lighting fixtures in a manufacturing plant.

A PLC can be programmed to control practically any electromechanical process. There’s no need to rewire or install additional hardware for every new logical configuration; the PLC only needs to be reprogrammed. It makes PLC a cost-efficient solution for controlling a complex network of machines, including those in solar PV stations.

With its reliability, flexibility, and scalability, a PLC control system brings tons of advantages to your solar facility. For one, it will be easier for your operators to oversee the machines, especially in large solar power plants. They can also have better control of operational processes to optimize solar energy production daily.

At Nor-Cal Controls, we have the resources and experience to reprogram your PLC to meet the required level of control. Our PLC programming services include a control panel design, programming, field installation, and support. With years of experience in providing SCADA and other control systems to the commercial solar panel industry, our team of PLC programmers can get the job done proficiently.

Leveraging our roots within the traditional energy sector, our experienced controls engineers have a combined 50+ years of experience in steam and gas turbine, boiler, and balance of plant (BOP) PLC controls integration, process tuning, and training services. Within the renewables sector, programming PLCs is a core competency, our primary scope of work being the provision of the plant controller. We fully understand the control required to operate PV plants.

Our team of PLC programmers are well versed in multiple hardware and software platforms and can assist in development and programming according to advanced control narratives requiring process control. Our programmers are comfortable with ladder, function block, and SAMA logic. Documenting logic is of equal importance, and all of our programs are documented with clear comments and information, making future troubleshooting and logic modifications or enhancements easy.

Our experts are trained on the following PLC platforms:

• GE Industrial / Automation
• Emerson Ovation
• SEL 3530, 3355, 3555
• Allen-Bradley / Rockwell Automation
• Siemens
• Automation Direct

PLC Programming from Nor-Cal Controls

What Are the Benefits of PLC Programming?

  • PLC programming eliminates the need for rewiring and additional hardware for each configuration.
  • PLC control strategizes the level of machine control without taking up too much physical space.
  • PLC programming comes with flexibility, making it easy to modify control logic at any time.
  • With the right programming, PLCs can work seamlessly with HMI computers.

Why Choose Nor-Cal Controls?

Nor-Cal Controls is one of the nation’s leaders in control systems for commercial solar PV power plants. We have an experienced team of programmers who work with different PLC platforms, designing and implementing control configurations skillfully.

More importantly, we’re known for our open architecture. We don’t have a proprietary PLC solution. It means you aren’t stuck with contract fees at the end of the job. We even document our reprogramming efforts to make your future troubleshooting or upgrades using third-party software easy and convenient. With this approach, we help reduce the costs associated with PLC programming support and expansion.

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