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Owner's Engineering (SCADA)

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Owners Engineering (SCADA)

Our expert project management and Owners Engineering team supports EPCs and owners in ensuring that your selected SCADA provider designs, engineers and commissions systems to the contracted scope of work; we ensure compliance to industry best practices as well as all EPC, Owner, Utility, PPA, and other off-taker requirements.

Typical scopes of work covered with SCADA Owners Engineering:

• PV SCADA system, including Plant Controller
• Substation SCADA system
• Site inverters and other field device commissioning support
• MET Stations
• Network and Security Design
• NERC CIP compliance

Typical project support provided with Owners Engineering:

• Review SCADA provider proposal and design, including BOM and deliverables, and compare against RFP and any EPC or Owner provided specifications
• Provide kick off and on-going project management support to EPC
• Attend all project management and technical engineering related meetings to support EPC and Owner
• Attend Factory Acceptance Test (FAT)
• Provide on-site, Site Acceptance Testing (SAT) and commissioning support
• Provide training and system turnover support to owner, O&M group, and any project stakeholders as required

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