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The CAISO regulatory committee is responsible for maintaining the reliability and accessibility of one of the largest and most modern power electrical grids in the world. In addition to traditional power generation plants, many privately owned and operated solar photovoltaic (PV) systems supply power for grid availability. CAISO maintains an exacting process to both gain access to, and continue to participate in, California’s open energy market.

CAISO Remote Intelligent Gateway (RIG)

Generation facilities that want to interconnect at the transmission level must install and maintain a field Remote Intelligent Gateway (RIG) unit that can interface with an operator’s system to supply required data to the California Independent System Operator (CAISO). Nor-Cal’s team of dedicated and experienced engineers have integrated several independent operator systems into the CAISO grid with the use of the CAISO certified Orion LXm from NovaTech; full configuration, testing and startup services are included in the turnkey CAISO RIG package.

CAISO Metering

Accurate metering of electricity generated provides critical data to allow for power generation accuracy. This ongoing direct measurement allows CAISO to manage and monitor power generation in real-time, ensuring the stability of the grid. Nor-Cal can provide all required metering equipment, configuration and associated tasks related to CAISO requirements for new generators.

CAISO New Resource Implementation (NRI)

A total of over forty (40) steps spanning more than two hundred (200) days must be taken and approved by CAISO to gain full energization. Nor-Cal will work concurrently with site asset-owners and CAISO to ensure specific telemetry, metering and RIG documentation requirements are met in a timely fashion during this NRI timeline. Submittals are critical to the NRI timeline; to avoid potentially costly delays in energization, and ensuring focus on asset owners ‘time to market’ approach for their investment.

Nor-Cal is a certified RIG provider through CAISO, and can provide the following expertise to ensure a successful project:

  • CAISO NRI Process Management
  • RIG equipment, configuration, testing and certification with CAISO
  • CAISO approved metering equipment, configuration, testing and certification with CAISO
Nor-Cal Controls - Remote Intelligent Gateway (RIG)
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