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Solar PV Plant Operations and Maintenance Training

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Training Classes Held at Our Northern California Headquarters

Nor-Cal Controls is a leading name in SCADA, DAS, and other monitoring solutions for solar PV plants. Our solutions are based on proven technology and open architecture design, eliminating the need for service contracts and other fees at project completion. Besides reducing the cost of monitoring system ownership for our clients, our experience in open architecture systems helps to mold the skillset of solar park operators.

Our team of qualified engineers has more than 50 years of experience in the power industry. They have an industrial mindset for thoroughness and cost-efficiency. More importantly, they have a high level of expertise in SCADA systems, data monitoring, troubleshooting, and other grid operations and maintenance fundamentals.

We share our engineers’ knowledge and expertise with current and aspiring solar plant operators. We conduct a three-day intensive training on solar PV system design, CAISO compliance, and other related topics. We hope to influence them to understand the role of system monitoring better and see the big picture of solar PV operations.

Join our next session to get a hold of our training manual on solar PV systems for engineers and operators.

Training topics include:

  • SCADA Hardware & Software Overview, including Network Architecture
  • IP Addressing, VLANs, and Network Troubleshooting
  • HMI Software, Field Device Configuration and Datasets Mapping Overview
  • HMI Graphics Modifications
  • Alarm Configuration and Management
  • Trends (Real Time and Historical)
  • Historian Software Overview, Database Queries and Reports
  • Programmable Logic Controller, Hardware and Software Overview
  • Control Modes Overview and Operation (AVR, PF/VAR, Droop, CAP, Breaker)
  • Communication Protocols Overview: Modbus, DNP3, OPC
  • SCADA Protocols Troubleshooting
  • Point Forcing Usage and Precautions
  • Grid Operations Fundamentals (Utility, NERC, ISO, ADS, RIG, GMS, etc.)
  • NERC 101 & the GOP Function

*The training topics and principles covered can be applied to any SCADA system platform (hardware/software).

*Private and site-specific training sessions are also available. Contact us for more information.

Nor-Cal Controls offers Solar PV Operations Training

"Learn Generator Fundamentals to Understand the Big Picture"

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