More Control, Better Visibility, No Vendor Lock-in

With Nor-Cal you get more control, better visibility and faster troubleshooting with automatic alarm notification. Because we are open source, you are protected from vendor lock-in and proprietary black-box solutions. Each Nor-Cal SCADA system solution is fully customizable and
tailored to meet all project and application-specific requirements as well as our customer’s unique needs and preferences.

Customers have the peace of mind knowing that their system will continue to be supported throughout the life of their project, with many accessible options regarding maintenance and upgrades into the future.


Key Performance Capabilities

Local Human Machine Interface (HMI) For Operators

Our local, on-site SCADA server comes installed with high-performance HMI software. It’s programmed with custom tailored HMI graphical screens that allow operators to gain total visibility and control over all site inverters and devices. Includes real-time and historical alarm viewer.

Local Historian for Database Querying and Report Generation

Our local, on-site historian server comes installed with historian software, enabling operators and project stakeholders to perform analysis on performance as well as aid in troubleshooting site issues. Our SCADA control systems aggregates and archives process data for smarter operational decisions.

Automatic Alarm Notification

Automatically receive critical alarm notifications (Email and SMS Text) for all devices monitored by the Nor-Cal SCADA system. Configure alarm recipients and escalation schemes based on alarm priority.

Energy Management Systems for Battery Storage (EMS)

Nor-Cal provides turnkey engineering services to integrate complete Energy Management Systems to extend the value of your solar investment. The EMS acts as the master orchestrator enabling control, between the battery storage system and PV Balance of Plant (BOP) equipment (inverters). Our solutions meet or exceed all Utility requirements.

Nor-Cal SCADA systems provide for full monitoring, historian archiving, alarm notification, and control of all battery storage system components including the on-site inverters, MET sensors, and revenue meters. Standard control functionality includes but is not limited to: solar smoothing/energy shifting, frequency regulation, power setpoint, voltage setpoint, grid support(black start operation), and variable ramp control.

Download our SCADA Systems Datasheet

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