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Total Enterprise Control

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Operations & Maintenance (O&M) Enterprise SCADA Systems for PV Plant Operators

Enterprise Human Machine Interface (HMI) Graphical Screens for Operators

We work closely with our clients to develop custom HMI graphical screens and dashboards, enabling operators the ability to see a fleet-wide view of all sites within their PV operating portfolio. You will also have the ability to drill down into individual PV sites, allowing for full visibility and control over all site inverters and devices. Includes real-time and historical alarm viewing, and the ability to trend performance data.

All HMI graphical screens will be tailored to meet the needs of the client and obtain the client’s desired “look, feel and functionality”.

Enterprise Historian for Performing Queries and Reports Generation

With an option to include an Enterprise Historian for off-site data storage and archiving of all PV sites’ data, operators and project stakeholders will have the ability to perform historical trends, query raw and calculated data (1 second time stamps) and generate advanced reports.

Automatic Alarm Notification

Automatically receive critical alarm notifications (Email and SMS Text) for all devices monitored by the enterprise SCADA system. Configurable alarm recipients and escalation schemes, based on alarm priority.

Full Redundancy, including Virtualization (Hardware and Software)

Our Enterprise SCADA system solution design can incorporate fully redundant hardware and software, including virtualization redundancy.

NERC CIP, Medium-Impact Ready

Nor-Cal’s Enterprise SCADA system solution design is architected with NERC CIP compliance requirements in mind. By providing a flexible virtualized architecture, not only does the SCADA system benefit from the redundancy and resiliency of virtualization, but supporting security tools can easily be deployed and configured. The resulting single-rack provides all the necessary hardware and software to operate a CIP medium-impact SCADA system.

As part of the initial implementation, Nor-Cal will work with our client to establish hardened baseline configurations to support CIP-002, CIP-005, CIP-007, CIP-009, and CIP-010 requirements.

Development Environment for Testing Changes Before Going Live

Following best practices, we will test all changes on a development test environment system prior to migration over to the production “live” environment system.

Solar PV Operations Training At Our Northern California Training Facility

Have your operators attend one of our reoccurring classes. Or alternatively, schedule a private session.

Open Architecture; No “Black Box” Proprietary Solutions

Nor-Cal’s SCADA system solutions are all open architecture (open source), utilizing accessible, “off the shelf,” hardware and software components.

Customers have the peace of mind knowing that their system will continue to be supported throughout the life of their project, with many accessible options regarding maintenance and upgrades into the future.

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