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Nor-Cal Controls’ MaxSun™ soiling station is the perfect solution for end users who would like to protect and enhance their investment. By alerting personnel when performance is declining and cleaning is required, and keeping sunlight absorption and energy generation at optimal levels, the MaxSun™ accelerates return on investment while increasing efficiencies and profits.

Located within an outdoor NEMA rated enclosure, an innovative mechanical door keeps the reference module out of the natural elements reducing or eliminating the need to continually wash the “clean” module as with other soiling stations.

The MaxSun™ soiling station is equipped with a host of features to support the end user:

• Measures Solar Irradiance clean reference and soiled reference in watts per square meter with a single compact pyranometer.
• Measures and records Absolute Soiling.
• Automatically calculates and records Percent Soiling.
• Presents most recent measurement in easy to access Modbus registers.
• Allows on-demand measurements from remote systems.
• Records all measurements in the on-board data logger with up to 50 days of storage.
• Automatically suspends operation during periods of inclement weather.
• Rugged sensor assembly is easy to clean and maintain.

Soiling Station at Guernsey Solar (Nor-Cal Controls' MaxSun™ )
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