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Operations & Performance Total PV Fleet Visibility

Real-Time Data Acquisition

Nor-Cal’s Data Acquisition System (DAS) hardware solution continuously monitors performance data and alarms for all PV system devices, including all on-site inverters (central or string), MV transformers, revenue meters, meteorological (MET) station sensors and/or Intelligent Equipment Devices (IEDs).

All data is locally stored and then pushed to our cloud-based, hosted solution.

Data Monitoring and Performance Dashboards

Leveraging Nor-Cal’s Canary Labs Axiom software (a cloud-based data monitoring solution), users can securely log in to their customized dashboard to view real-time/historical data and alarms for all PV sites under their operating portfolio.

View high-level information and data for all sites through the Enterprise Fleet dashboard, with the ability to drill into individual sites to view site-specific information, including geographical location. You can also view Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), performance ratio trends, historical alarm information in real time, and run historical reports.

All HMI graphical screens will be tailored to meet the needs of the client and obtain the client’s desired “look and feel”.

Historian for Performing Queries and Reports Generation

Provides off-site, cloud-based data storage and archiving of all PV sites’ data. Operators and project stakeholders will have the ability to run historical trends, query raw and calculated data (1-second timestamps), as well as the ability to generate advanced reports.

Automatic Alarm Notification

Automatically receive critical alarm notifications (Email and SMS Text) for all devices monitored by the DAS solution. Configurable alarm recipients and escalation schemes, based on alarm priority.

Works with Other Third-Party Hardware Solutions

Our cloud-based monitoring solution integrates with other third-party, DAS hardware solutions, by utilizing OPC communication protocol.

Open Architecture; No “Black Box” Proprietary Solutions

Nor-Cal’s SCADA system solutions are all open architecture (open source), utilizing accessible, ‘off the shelf’, hardware and software components.

Customers have the peace of mind knowing that their system will continue to be supported throughout the life of their project, with many accessible options regarding maintenance and upgrades into the future.

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