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Recommended SCADA for PV & Enterprise applications

ForumCategory: Enterprise SCADA SystemsRecommended SCADA for PV & Enterprise applications
Chris Lamb asked 1 year ago

What is NCC’s preferred SCADA platform? And why?

Rob Lopez Staff replied 1 year ago

Hi Chris! Thank you for your message.

Being a product agnostic, Control Systems Integrator, Nor-Cal’s engineering team is well versed in multiple SCADA platforms (hardware and software). Therefore, unless a customer already has a preference, we look at every project opportunity and propose a solution (or give multiple options) that meet the needs of the application. Some considerations to look at before we propose– owner, utility, project size (capacity), total assets in operating fleet (traditional versus renewable, if applicable), control requirements, HMI capabilities desired, technical experience by Owner/Operator, project budget, etc.

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