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We R&D our own meteorological stations and soiling measurement instrumentation. Click on the product names below to learn more.

Tahoe Meteorological (MET) Station: Measuring Weather for Maximum Efficiency

Independent system operators (ISO) are now working with large scale energy utilities to obtain and produce clean energy for distribution to the electrical grid. This boom in solar photovoltaic (PV) technology and construction has created a marketplace for ISO’s nationwide.

One of the major issues with renewable energy is the variability in power generation that it provides. Knowing how much power a location may produce is critical to the timely availability of energy to the electrical grid. Therefore, ISO’s are required to incorporate certain weather sensing devices into their project as well as ensure that the information captured is reported appropriately.

Additionally, the construction and installation of solar PV farms encompasses a vast amount of initial financing; therefore planning and engineering to make certain all available efficiencies are reached is of utmost importance.

New solar PV farm projects require the use of meteorological weather stations to achieve and maintain these efficiencies. Nor-Cal Controls ES, Inc. has meticulously engineered the Tahoe MET station to meet the exacting demands of this new industry.

From project conception to project completion and beyond the Tahoe MET station can help participating ISO’s to determine the following for their project:

  • Forecast potential solar availability and generation for future project locations
  • Confirm stability of power generation through time
  • Detail increasing or decreasing efficiencies based on weather patterns at a project location

Each Tahoe MET station starts with an industrial, all-in-one weather sensing instrument to capture ambient air temperature, wind velocity and direction, relative humidity, barometric air pressure and solar irradiance. This sensing technology is augmented by available battery backup and a data concentrator to collect and store data. With the Tahoe’s highly customizable ability, additional sensors are available to meet the exacting needs of clients on an individual basis.

The Tahoe MET station combines functionality, reliability, and simplicity to an existing technology. The MET Station is fully customizable and applicable with multiple SCADA applications and hardware platforms. This system is preconfigured and ready for ease of start up and commissioning by either Nor-Cal’s engineering experts or others.

The Tahoe MET station is equipped with a host of features to support the end user:


  • Meets any Utility, ISO, and PPA requirements
  • Web Server for remote access over LAN or WAN networks
  • Second Sampling Data Logging with incremental customization with 2GB space and auto archiving feature
  • USB Flash Drive support for walk-up data log download
  • Support for over 250 protocols for ease of access
  • Support of 10 simultaneous protocols from one TCP Ethernet port
  • Features over 3 days of Lithium-Ion battery back-up power at 24VDC 40Ah, with an available option for 80Ah upgrade
  • Solar Panel for standalone battery charging off the grid functions
  • Smart Power monitoring and data logging for statuses and alarms related to the solar panel and batteries
  • Supports 120VAC primary input power
  • Supports any SCADA Platform
  • Configurable FTP Services
  • Configurable Email notifications
  • Optional SMS functions
  • Port access programming functions available for configuring/reconfiguring of attached devices
  • USB drivers support of external remote access modems
  • Optional local machine interface (HMI)
  • Scalability of I/O functions (RTD, DI, DO, AI, and AO)
  • International Languages and Unicode Characters
CAISO RIG Integration
Exacting Standards

The California Independent System Operator (CAISO) organization is responsible for maintaining the reliability and accessibility of one of the largest and most modern power electrical grids in the world. In addition to traditional power generation plants, many privately owned and operated solar photovoltaic (PV) systems supply power to this grid. CAISO maintains an exacting process to both gain access to, and continue to participate in, California’s open energy market.

Experience to Get the Job Done

Generation facilities that want to interconnect at the transmission level must install and maintain a field remote intelligent gateway (RIG) unit that can interface with an operator’s system to supply required data to CAISO.

Nor-Cal Controls ES, Inc. (NCC) specializes in providing the following expertise to ensure a successful project:

  • Management of the CAISO Process through Project Completion Click Here
  • RIG Configuration and Integration for CAISO Compliance
  • Accurate Revenue Accounting for the CAISO Grid
  • Ongoing Support to Optimize ROI
Orion LXm RIG

NCC’s team of dedicated and experienced engineers have integrated several independent operator PV systems into the CAISO grid with the use of a NovaTech OrionLXm RIG. Exceeding the latest CAISO specification for secure, encrypted DNP3 communication protocol back to CAISO, the OrionLXm also provides internal health-checks to ensure continued communication and reliability as well as bumpless transfer of control from local to remote.

The OrionLXm is a CAISO RIG-approved device that exceeds current CAISO requirements. Coupled with the experience and dedication of NCC’s team, every CAISO project is ensured a timely and successful completion, while meeting the demanding regulatory needs to join California’s expanding energy grid.

MaxSun Soiling Station

Energy capture is of utmost importance in a solar module installation and a significant indicator of the level of success of a solar installation project.

One of the parameters in determining this performance metric is the amount of soiling on the PV modules surface. Soiling is the term used to describe the accumulation of debris on a module, whether that be dust, dirt, snow, bird feces, or several other things that may naturally block the module and impede it’s ability to absorb sunlight.maxsun-at-guernsey-solar-large

The MaxSun™ Soiling Station provides a solution for end users who would like to protect and enhance their investment. By alerting personnel when performance is declining and cleaning is required, and keeping sunlight absorption and energy generation at optimal levels, the MaxSun accelerates return on investment while increasing efficiencies and profits.

The MaxSun Soiling station is an automatic PV soiling measurement system that can be easily installed on fixed or tracking systems and tailored to meet the requirements of a wide variety of conditions.  The system consists of two main components—the measurement assembly, and the PLC enclosure.

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