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Nor-Cal Portfolio: 7 GW+ of systems in operation across the United States

See below for a list of our highlighted projects.

As an integrator, Nor-Cal Controls ES, Inc. works with EPCs to fully design, install and commission a turnkey, SCADA System. This includes meeting all PPA and Operational requirements for control of the PV facility, including AVR/Power Factor, Reactive Power (VAR), Output Power (MW) Curtailment, and Droop Control. Other functionality includes meeting all Alarm Notification, Historian and Report Generation requirements.

Tasks include (but not limited to):

  • Full SCADA System Design, including Network Architecture
  • SCADA System Documentation
  • Remote SCADA Configuration and Testing (FAT)
  • On-Site SCADA Commissioning and Testing (SAT)
  • SCADA Control System specific Training
  • MET Stations (Turnkey, including On-site Installation and Commissioning)
  • Soiling Stations (Turnkey, including On-site Installation and Commissioning)
  • Remote Intelligent Gateway (RIG) (Turnkey, includes On-site Installation and Testing)
  • Revenue Meters (Turnkey, includes On-site Installation and Testing)
  • California-ISO (CAISO) Process Management
  • Camera Surveillance System (Turnkey, includes On-site Installation and Commissioning)
Puller PV – 15 MW

Location: Virginia

Ranchland PV – 60 MW

Location: North Carolina

Rancho Seco PV – 11 MW

Location: California

Remington PV – 20 MW

Location: Virginia

Ridgeland PV – 10 MW

Location: South Carolina

Rutledge DAS – 1 MW

Location: Connecticut

Sappony PV – 20 MW

Location: Virginia

Scott 2 PV – 20 MW

Location: Virginia

Scott PV – 17 MW

Location: Virginia

Searchlight PV – 18 MW

Location: California

Shasta PV – 3 MW

Location: California

Shoe Creek PV – 60 MW

Location: North Carolina

AEP – GE 7FA Controls Design for Plant Reliability and Optimization

Nor-Cal is responsible for the design and implementation of the following

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Calpine – Chiller Controls Retrofit

Nor-Cal performed controls retrofits for Calpine’s fleet of LM6000 peaker unit, generating facilities.

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Nor-Cal Controls - Calpine Peaker Plant Project
Calpine – California Peaker, SCADA Integration Project

Nor-Cal tied together five (5) stand-alone control networks, separated by 25 miles, into one comprehensive SCADA

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Doyon Utilities – Large scale SCADA Installation and Plant Control Integration

Nor-Cal assisted Doyon Utilities (Fairbanks, AK) in the implementation of

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Nor-Cal Controls GE 7FA+e Solutions
GE 7FA+e Gas Turbine Black Start (Isochronous) Controls Integration

Nor-Cal is one of the few power generation controls and automation companies

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GE LM6000 Controls Upgrades

GWF was seeking a migration path for upgrading their BOP controls on their Handford plant’s 21A and 21B combined cycle units. This included upgrading

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Power Barges – GE 7FA Single Fuel (Gas only) to Dual Fuel (Gas + Distillate) MKVI Controls Conversion (Software/Hardware)

Nor-Cal worked with Waller Marine

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Xcel Energy – MKV Turbine Controls to Ovation DCS Retrofit

The project included the development of MKV to Ovation control sheets, including Big Block (BBL/MACRO) reverse engineering

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