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Nor-Cal Portfolio: 7 GW+ of systems in operation across the United States

See below for a list of our highlighted projects.

As an integrator, Nor-Cal Controls ES, Inc. works with EPCs, Developers and Owners to fully design, install and commission DAS and SCADA systems for solar and storage projects.

This includes meeting any PPA, Utility and Owner requirements for control of the facility, including MW Curtailment, Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR), Power Factor, VAR Control, Droop, Voltage Droop, Breaker and CAP Bank Control. We also provide automation of ADS interface/system if the resource is participating in the CAISO market.

Other functionality includes meeting all Alarm Notification, Historian and Report Generation requirements. Asset Management and Performance Analytics software.

Tasks include (but not limited to):

  • Full System Design, including Network Architecture
  • Complete System Documentation
  • Remote Configuration and Testing (FAT)
  • On-Site Commissioning and Testing (SAT)
  • System specific Training
  • MET Stations (Turnkey, including On-site Installation and Commissioning)
  • Soiling Stations (Turnkey, including On-site Installation and Commissioning)
  • Remote Intelligent Gateway (RIG) (Turnkey, includes On-site Installation and Testing)
  • Revenue Meters (Turnkey, includes On-site Installation and Testing)
  • California-ISO (CAISO) Process Management
  • Camera Surveillance System (Turnkey, includes On-site Installation and Commissioning)
Alamo 7 PV – 112 MW

Location: Texas

Avenal PV – 20 MW

Location: California

Bar D Das – 4 MW

Location: Colorado

Big Bend PV – 23 MW

Location: Florida

Bladen PV – 50 MW

Location: North Carolina

Bloomington DAS – 2 MW

Location: Utah

Bloomington DAS – 2 MW

Location: Utah

Blythe PV – 20 MW

Location: California

Brantley PV – 50 MW

Location: North Carolina

Buckingham PV – 20 MW

Location: Virginia

Buckleberry PV – 50 MW

Location: North Carolina

Bullock PV – 50 MW

Location: North Carolina

AEP – GE 7FA Controls Design for Plant Reliability and Optimization

Nor-Cal is responsible for the design and implementation of the following

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Calpine – Chiller Controls Retrofit

Nor-Cal performed controls retrofits for Calpine’s fleet of LM6000 peaker unit, generating facilities.

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Nor-Cal Controls - Calpine Peaker Plant Project
Calpine – California Peaker, SCADA Integration Project

Nor-Cal tied together five (5) stand-alone control networks, separated by 25 miles, into one comprehensive SCADA

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Doyon Utilities – Large scale SCADA Installation and Plant Control Integration

Nor-Cal assisted Doyon Utilities (Fairbanks, AK) in the implementation of

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Nor-Cal Controls GE 7FA+e Solutions
GE 7FA+e Gas Turbine Black Start (Isochronous) Controls Integration

Nor-Cal is one of the few power generation controls and automation companies

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GE LM6000 Controls Upgrades

GWF was seeking a migration path for upgrading their BOP controls on their Handford plant’s 21A and 21B combined cycle units. This included upgrading

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Power Barges – GE 7FA Single Fuel (Gas only) to Dual Fuel (Gas + Distillate) MKVI Controls Conversion (Software/Hardware)

Nor-Cal worked with Waller Marine

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Xcel Energy – MKV Turbine Controls to Ovation DCS Retrofit

The project included the development of MKV to Ovation control sheets, including Big Block (BBL/MACRO) reverse engineering

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