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GWF was seeking a migration path for upgrading their BOP controls on their Handford plant’s 21A and 21B combined cycle units. This included upgrading all GE Field Bus I/O, as well as the GE RX7i PLC (BOP PLC).

The currently installed Genius Field Bus I/O was at “End of Life” and was no longer being supported, which motivated this project.

The proposed and implemented system by Nor-Cal, replaced the existing Field Bus I/O with RX3i Profinet Scanners, replaced the existing panel PC HMI, including updating the hardware and software operator console, replaced the existing RX7i BOP PLC with an RX3i PLC, and also included programming of the BOP PLC to a common supportble platform of Proficy Machine Edition.

GE’s line of LM series control and automation systems leads the market and are constantly being upgraded, aided with new technology, to better serve customers worldwide. Occasionally GE discontinues certain control components, reducing the availability of replacement parts and or modules that may be required to keep a plant operating efficiently.

Nor-Cal provides retrofit services to ensure power plants remain functionally viable by upgrading obsolete controls components and genius bus controllers with expert design followed by dedicated system startup, commissioning, and support.

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