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About Us

A culture of excellence.

Our Core Values


We treat everyone like family. We are supportive, respecting and accepting.


We are customer focused, responsive, adaptable and flexible. You can count on us when you need us the most.


We do what is right. We are honest, transparent and ethical.


We perform to the best of our abilities. We are problem solvers who will do whatever it takes to get the job done right.


We promote a culture of learning. We empower our customers to take ownership, but are always here if you need us.

This Is Who We Are

Nor-Cal Controls has assembled an outstanding team that combines expertise, integrity, honesty and an uncompromising commitment to excellence.

We deliver our services through a dedicated team formed to bring appropriate knowledge and expertise to each project. Our engineers have an industrial mindset for thoroughness and attention to detail, tempered with the ambition to provide designs that are cost effective and under budget.

This Is What We Do

Nor-Cal provides consulting, engineering and training services to the traditional and renewable power generation industry.

What sets us apart from our competitors is our guiding principle for serving our customers. Before bidding on a project, we first ask ourselves the question, “What approach or products best serve the customer?” We then offer and provide solutions based on proven technology and open architecture hardware and software, eliminating the need for service contracts and ongoing fees at project completion. This approach has allowed us to continually compete, and beat, larger engineering firms and OEM’s as well as smaller, proprietary based firms.

This Is Why We Do It

Robert “Bob” Lopez, President and CEO, founded Nor-Cal in 2006 with the passion to provide customer-focused automation and controls engineering solutions that truly serves the client. Bob is a senior level engineering professional with over 35 years of concentrated experience in the power generation industry, both traditional and renewable.

Bob’s founding vision has carried through over the years to each Nor-Cal team member, from our administrative staff to our engineers in the field. Each of Nor-Cal’s carefully selected employees encompass the same passion for solutions-driven technology and scrupulous attention to details that are important to the client.

Nor-Cal has a long track record of success in designing and applying technology specific to the power generation industry. Under the guidance of Nor-Cal’s highly qualified employees, we have rapidly grown our business footprint in providing thorough and extensive control and data acquisition systems, among other products and services.

Nor-Cal’s overall vision is not to be the biggest or most profitable power generation controls integrator in the industry, but to be the best. With this unwavering conviction, Nor-Cal consistently outperforms its competitors and continues to bring Bob’s founding vision to fruition.

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