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Nor-Cal Controls Releases CAISO ADS, Open Source Code. Automatic Curtailment Simplifies Operations.

Nor-Cal Controls releases CAISO ADS, Open Source code. Automatic curtailment simplifies operations.

Diamond Springs, CA, 2017 – Nor-Cal Controls ES, Inc. (Nor-Cal) provides energy solutions to a wide array of partners throughout the United States. Among the many professional services that NCC provides includes controls solutions to meet the needs of full-scale utility grade solar photovoltaic (PV) power generation plants.

The California Independent System Operator (CAISO) regulatory committee developed the Automated Dispatch System (ADS) to communicate real-time dispatch instructions to market participants. In addition to contracted Power Purchase Agreements (PPA), system operators can gain financial incentives from CAISO by receiving and reacting to ADS instructions for power generation requirements.

While there are a few ADS solutions on the market to facilitate the dispatch process from CAISO to system operators, in the past this coding and implementation required purchase; no longer. Nor-Cal has elected to release this ADS facilitation code to all interested system operators.

“Nor-Cal Controls has researched, engineered, and developed this code and feels that system operators should benefit as a whole. This will only make the renewable power generation industry stronger by increasing the ease at which a system operator can read and react to CAISO requests.”

– Bob Lopez, President, Nor-Cal Controls ES, Inc.

This open source code can be downloaded free of charge here:

Download Open Source Code

With the proper CAISO generated certificate and code installation on a site’s SCADA or Historian server, real-time dispatch instructions will automatically make plant changes as necessary to meets the power demands of CAISO.

If you would like more information about this topic, or are interested speaking with Nor-Cal regarding open source code implementation and how we may help you, contact us today.

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